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Welcome to the sq3 website. To say hi, send an email to [tim.hutton@gmail.com].





Here are some open-source projects I've started:

[Ready] A cross-platform implementation of a wide variety of reaction-diffusion systems.
[Lattice Gas Explorer] A cross-platform simulator for lattice gases, with an emphasis on being a tutorial for learning about them, and about their implementation.
[Slinker] A cross-platform Slitherlink puzzle generator and analysis engine. I haven't touched this for a while. I get my slitherlink fix from [Kwon-Tom Loop].
[Organic Builder] A fun applet that lets you explore the rules of artificial chemistries, and challenges your skills at organic programming. On the back burner at the moment.
[Organic Builder in Flash] A port of OB to flash applets. I really should work on this.
[PowerCrust] My VTK port of the powercrust algorithm.

Here are some open-source projects I've made contributions to:

[Golly] Cellular automata. Astonishingly quick in some cases because it uses the hashlife algorithm.
[VTK] The visualisation toolkit is a cross-platform cross-language library for 3d rendering and visualisation and mesh processing. Has some interesting algorithms.

Other content:

Papers Here you can download my papers, and any source code that goes with them.
[Google+] Short-format blogging at Google+.
[LiveJournal] Occasional long-format blogging here.
[Evolution] My work on evolution and artificial chemistries is here.
[Google Buzz] Older microblogging.
[photos] This is where my photos live.
[CV] My CV is here.

Tim Hallonhi

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