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Copied over from the Tongs Wiki -- scroll down for info on David Livingstones, Hells Gate National Park, Mombasa and the actual Feast itself.

The address for all our Nairobi Accomodation is:

Progressive Park Hotel (Executive Serviced Apartments), Opposite Ukay Center, Mwazi Road, Westlands.


Wed 24th Eleanor arriving
Thur 25th Debbie arriving
Fri 26th  
Sat 27th Mnki Frki Arriving
Sun 28th Ian arriving
Mon 29th Ian Leaves for Tanzania for a 5 day Safari on the Serengeti.
Tue 30th  
Wed 1st Ele and Debbie thinking of going camping to Kiambu
Thur 2nd  
Fri 3rd  
Sat 4th The rest arriving
Sun 5th Nairobi Fun - Overnight in Nairobi
Mon 6th Masai Mara - Staying at DavidLivingstones? Safari Resort
Tue 7th Masai Mara
Wed 8th Leave the Mara and Drive to Lake Naivasha - Overnight at Crater Lake Tented Camp.
Thu 9th Overnight at Lake Elementaita Lodge. Climb Mt Longonot?
Fri 10th Rift Valley - Drive back to Nairobi. Overnight in Nairobi.Everyone invited to Dinner to Mnki Parents house
Sat 11th Feast Fun. Overnight in Nairobi.
Sun 12th Nairobi Fun. Overnight in Nairobi. Everyone invited to Lunch at Mnki Parents house
Mon 13th Early Morning flight for Mombasa Fun.
Tue 14th Mombasa Fun
Wed 15th Mombasa Fun
Thu 16th 8.30 pm flight back to Nairobi. Overnight in Nairobi.
Fri 17th Nairobi Fun / everyone but Ian Leaving. Happy birthday Ele.
Sat 18th Ian leaving
Sun 19th  
Mon 20th Mnki Frki leave for India


Our canonical flight (at least 8 of us will be on it) is:

 SN Brussels Airlines (via brussels)
 Out: 06:55 4th Dec - 23:15 4th Dec
 Return: 21:40 17th Dec - 07:55 18th Dec


Current total: 13 for first week, 24 for Mombasa


As of the current moment, UK passport holders can get their visa at the airport in Nairobi when they arrive, on handing-over of 30 UKP. See the visa section of [1] However, I would advise people to check with the high commision (follow the same link) if they are worried about this.

Non-UK passport holders I know not what they need to do. Quite possibly visas might be needed in advance.


You would need to get jabs in advance. Malaria tablets can be got over the counter from any pharmacy. Frki's doctor gave him a prescription that made it a lot cheaper. Mnki's doctor didn't. Discrepancy!

ChloroquinePhosphate? is cheaper over the counter (2.50) than by prescription (6.90). But I guess Kenya is MegaMalaria? so you wouldn't take those.


There is no web page for this lodge as yet. But here is a bit more info about it.

David Livingstone is a very new property in the Mara, They are about to launch their website very soon, i can however forward you some of the pics available to me. I highly recommend this lodge in terms of the location,service and the food.

It is located on the banks of Mara river with a resident population of more than 200 hippos. Here if lucky you can witness the crocodile kill the

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