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|| Wed 24th ||Eleanor arriving ||
|| Wed 24th ||Eleonor arriving ||

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It is located on the banks of Mara river with a resident population of more than 200 hippos. Here if lucky you can witness the crocodile kill the
It is located on the banks of Mara river with a resident population of more than 200 hippos. Here if lucky you can witness the crocodile kill the baby hippos or other animals that come to the banks to quench their thirst.

At David Livingstone the food is amazing, both for the veg and the non veg, Indian meals are also available. All rooms face the river which is lit throughout the night giving a very beautiful sight. They also have a hippo view point where the water touches the point giving an opportunity of being so very close to the animals, They have bornfires lit at this point and also have the bar open till late here

They also offer daily hippo pool breakfast with complimentary champagne as included in the package

You can also do night game drives from here.

Our Itinerary (from the marketing people):

Monday 06th of December

Today we depart for Mara the world’s greatest game spectacle Masai Mara. We arrive at the newly opened David Livingstones Resort. Inspired by the remiscent safaris of yesteryear, This lodge brings to you, the delicious, nostalgic experience of the sophisticated living of the days gone by when Africa was truly wild. We dine on the banks of Mara river with a record population of 200 hippos on this spot. After a delicious lunch, relax for a short siesta before beginning your evening drive at 1600hrs. Here we will see the fantastic game of the Masai Mara, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, cheetah, lion, wildebeest and zebra. Return to your lodge, assemble at the hippo view point lit by a bonfire we sight the hippo’s leave the shallow waters and climb the banks of the river to graze the plains of Mara. An experience that was rare to date. Dinner and Overnight at this beautiful resort (FULL BOARD)

Tuesday 07th of December

At 0630hrs in the morning the song of the African bird awakens you as you depart for a pre-breakfast game drive. This game drive will be fantastic, as you will see nature awakening to another beautiful African morning. After the game drive we return to the lodge in time for breakfast. This lodge provides a superb breakfast experience. With the tables laid around the horse shoe bend of Mara river, viewing the hippos return to the waters of the river, and a bottle of chilled bubbly popping up to celebrate the African experience plus the view of the crocs basking in the early raise of the sun, this should leave no doubt that it will provide an experience that will not be forgotten. Lunch at the lodge, after lunch, time out for a short siesta followed by a further game drive at 1600hrs. Dinner and overnight at your lodge (FULL BOARD)

Wednesday 08th of December

After breakfast this morning we move on to the Rift Valley.


16,000 KSh (about 100 UKP) per person, full board, including transport, excluding park fees, based on 2 people sharing. (Am waiting on the single supplement and park fees for this)


Some links: [1][2] Looks like the fun.


We have booked a entire restaurnat called Chowpatty for this. It does Indian Vegetarian food and is quite yummy. MnkiFrki? will be deciding on the menu once we get there. But we will make sure that its English Hot and not Kenya Hot.

We have also arranged for a DJ for the night. Again MnkiFrki? will meet with him and make sure that he's got a really cheezy mix.

Just like Wedding Fun in Stroud, dress code is 'whatever you are comfortable in'.

PS - I don't think there will be any alcohol. :(


Accomodation in Mombasa is at Club Sun N Sand. [3]

Flight Details

BA8651 13 DEC NBO MBA 0830 0930

BA8656 16 DEC MBA NBO 2030 2130

Cost :

Kes 18500 per person sharing a double room

Kes 15000 per child sharing with 2 adults

Kes 6000 per infant sharing with 2 adults (1 year 5 months)

Kes 1500 per baby (under 1year)

Single Supplement - Kes 1000 per person per night.

Package Includes:

Return airfare Nairobi - Mombasa - Nairobi

Airport Departure tax

Accommodation at Sun N Sand on All Inclusive basis

Return airport transfers in Mombasa

Package Excludes:

Items of personal nature such as tips, laundry, telephone etc

Any services not mentioned as included

People and Rooms

The current room allocations is as follows:

Pat and Jim - Double Room

Chris and Wally - Double Room

Penny - Single Room

Tim and Deepa - Double Room

Rick and Spim - Twin Room

Lucy - Single Room

Eleanor - Single Room (Eleanor has said that she doesn't mind sharing with anyone - so let me know if anyone doesn't want to pay the
single supplement and share with Ele)

Ian - Single Room


Contact Deepa and Fergal via the Chat page on the SQ3 wiki, or text message their phones.

All UK Mobile networks are active in Kenya (If you have roaming enabled) - so if you do have a mobile, you can bring it along along;
although its expensive, it could be used in emergencies. I always take mine.

To physically get to their house the address is (We don't have postmen or house numbers):

: 2nd Parklands Avenue (The white and pink flats opposite Batu Batu Gardens)
: Flat Number 1
: Nairobi
: Kenya


Hopefully you have all got your jabs and malaria tablets sorted out.

A lot of people have been asking about Mosquitoes and mosquito nets.

Although I haven't got my mosquite nets yet, its not a bad idea to buy your own. Its probably safer and you don't have to worry about any holes that might be in the ones provided.

We can buy mosquito coils there (I will have a supply ready) , but if there is a preferred mosquito repellent that you use, you can bring it along.

I tend to also use mosquito repellent spray and mosquite repellent after sun lotion after dark.


Ellie writes: "It is hot!"

Bring Long sleeves, long trousers for after dark (stop the mosquitoes getting to you). Pretty much anything you want for during the day. I find a hat very useful.


If you have a visa debit card, you can get money from ATM's. I like to carry a bit of money in pounds/dollars (around 30-40 quid) in case of emergencies.

My mum has paid for all the trips that I have already booked for us. I thought the best way of paying her back was write her a cheque and she can deposit it in her UK account. Or you can always get the money from a bank.

Other things to consider:

* Immodium and rehydration salts
* Sun Screen lotion

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